" The Big 3 "


“The BIG 3”

Our Big Three recommendations focus on three major coin areas we believe are most likely to see ongoing collector and dealer demand and potential future price increases. We have selected some of the finest, sight-seen historically and numismaticly significant coins available for our Big Three clients. Some Select Big Three have experienced dramatic price increases, underscoring the ongoing demand for our coin recommendations.

The historically rich yet extremely elusive 20$ Gold Liberties are the first large Gold pieces to have the National Motto “In God We Trust . “Prices for the most rare coins in this series could soon rise beyond the reach of most collectors.

Our Collection Buying Team also selects certain modern day coins, which hold the highest potential to be future rarities. Some of our select date $25 Gold Eagle recommendations have started to become extremely hard to come by , and when we do we tend to pay higher prices . We continue to recommend saving money by acquiring these today before further price rises.

Although past performance does not guarantee future results, clients who acted quickly on many of our past Select Four recommendations were thrilled to have saved significant money on acquisition costs before gold and rare coin prices began rising. With gold prices expected to rise further over the long-term, acting now could save you significant money.

Do You Need A Coin Expert?

If you are a collector of rare United States coins, it is in your best interest to have a qualified expert on your team. Regardless of your level of passion for or knowledge of the coin markets, there is so much to know that having an expert in your corner gives you a much-needed edge and added enjoyment when building your collection. Within the realm of rare United States coins, Mike White is one of today’s very top experts.

There are literally tens of thousands of different types and grades of coins available. With an expert specialist assisting you in sorting through the vast body of numismatic details, you could save precious time, travel, energy, security worries and money. If you are looking for an expert you can trust, our Chief Numismatic Mike White is considered by many as one of the brightest young American Numismatics in the country. Mike likes to let people know that the good thing about being in his 30’s is that in an industry predominately ran by 70-80-year-old men who have grown lazy. One thing about Mike and his wife is that with three daughters with the ages ranging from 5 years old to 11 months, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Invest with someone who has something work fighting for and will outwork the competition to get there.


What does this “Market Maker “Term mean and why is it important?

A “market maker” is anyone who is actively buying and selling a specific product while providing ongoing research and support to the markets and customer base for such product. Because we focus our activities in only three key areas of rare coins, out of the thousands available, we can provide major ripples in the water while adding continual support for the coins we recommend. Our specialized commitment is key to building long-term awareness, enjoyment and demand among dealers and collectors.

Mike continuously adds to the body of information and research available on every single coin we recommend. Mike has brokered several 7 figure deals, has put together the top sets ever assembled, and so much more for the newly rising demand for rare coins.
To build a coin collection of high quality and potential long-term appeal, contact our experienced team of professionals to find out how to become a Big Three program client. There are limited positions available at each level, so call toll free at (855) 423-GOLD today.


s4_1873-liberty.jpg                                                                                      Area I: Liberty Double Eagles

The Type II and Type III Liberty Double Eagles are among the most popular, and in some select cases some of the rarest, of all United States gold coins. The Type II $20 Liberty Double Eagles (1866-1876) have the distinction of being the first United States $20 gold coins to bear the motto: “In God We Trust.” About 95% of the originally issued Type II Liberty Double Eagles have been melted down. Certified Type II $20 Liberty Double Eagles are many times rarer than Type III Liberty Double Eagles in certified population reports. Additionally, Type II $20 Liberty Double Eagles have not only done better than just about any other investment class out there over the last 15 years , they’re also becoming the most popular !

The Type 2 (1866-1876) and type 3 (1877- 1907 ) are substantially rarer than the popular $20 Saint-Gaudens in certified mint state condition. In 1877, a minor design change to the reverse’s dollar denomination resulted in the Type III Liberty Double Eagles (1877-1907) being created. Among all Type II and Type III Double Eagles, some of the rarest are the ones minted at the Carson City Mint. In recent years, the heavily marketed release of the Type I Double Eagle hoard of coins recovered from the shipwrecked S.S. Central America stimulated awareness and demand for some of the comparatively rarer Type II and Type III Double Eagles, which sent prices trending higher. The Type 2 Liberties are the first large gold pieces to have the motto “In God We Trust “. With the National Motto getting attacked on a daily basis it seems that it’s just a matter of time before it’s no longer on our currency, and I’ll let you speculate what will happen to the very first coins to have the National Motto when it’s no longer on our currency. Call your Account Representative to find out which of these historic coins is most likely to see future price increases. Acting now could save you money in completing your collection.

Type II and III Liberty Double Eagles

Area II: Indian Head Gold Coins



The second area in our Big Three comprises three Indian Head gold coins minted periodically from 1854-1933. The coins recommended in this area are the $3 Indian Princess, the $10 Indian Eagle, the $5 Indian Half Eagle. The Indian Quarter and Half Eagles were the only two of the four to feature the same design. Within the scope of United States coin collecting, especially in higher grade conditions, the $3 Indian Princess and the $5 Indian Eagle are considered “stopper” coins among collectors to completing the popular 12-piece gold type set. Because of their relative rarity, the absence of these coins potentially can “stop” a collector from completing a collection. The Indian Quarter and Half Eagle coins are the only ones in United States history to feature “incuse” devices (sunken rather than raised) on the coin’s design, which has made these coins consistently popular among collectors. To learn more about adding U.S. Indian Head gold coins to your collection, call your Account Representative, while prices are still reasonable for specimens of the key dates among these historic coins








Area 3 : Key Date Double Play 25$ Gold American Eagle.



Top 9: $25 Gold American EaglesIn 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt suspended all United States gold coin production. In 1986, more than fifty years later, President Ronald Reagan authorized the United States Mint to once again begin producing non-commemorative legal tender gold coins and the American Eagle family of coins was born. As the first $25 gold coin ever minted in United States history, the $25 Gold Eagle is a cornerstone coin among Select Four recommendations. Virtually every single year since they were first minted, the U.S. Mint has typically minted fewer $25 Gold Eagles than the other gold coins in the series. As a result, the $25 Gold Eagle has already distinguished itself among collectors as a “modern day rarity.” For more information on which select $25 Gold American Eagles you should priority target for acquisition, contact your account representative today.



What Is the Portfolio Buying Team?

Our Portfolio Buying Trust is a team of professionals with decade of years of combined rare coin acquisition experience. The members of our Portfolio Buying Team personally inspect and hand-select each coin that goes into your portfolio from among the most elite coins available. By focusing our deep experience into specialized niches in the rare coin markets, we can select and acquire some of the finest coins available from within those areas. Our experience becomes an invaluable asset to you and provides reliable expert guidance at every turn on your coin collecting adventure to insure your experience is one of deep satisfaction.

Whether you are an avid or novice collector, one thing is true... no one likes to pay higher prices, if it can be avoided. In the past, our Portfolio Buying Team has established an impressive record for often recommending specific coins before their prices trend higher. Following their recommendations, you could potentially save thousands of dollars on your portfolio acquisitions, sometimes even on a single coin, while filling those tough holes in your sets or collection. Since our Portfolio Buying Team specializes in four targeted areas of rare U.S. coins, our seasoned team experience and inside track knowledge gives a distinct edge to your rare coin portfolio.